Roseann & The Road to Kona

Roseann at Kona Finish LineThe Road to Kona

The Road to Kona was a journey of empowerment and gratitude for myself and all of the cancer warriors who were with me in spirit. I could not have done it without them. My journey has led me to the realization that we can set and achieve our goals even while ill or injured. Dreams have no boundaries. They are a source of powerful intention.

As my friend and cancer warrior, Michael Dahan, said, “I am thinking of you every minute and, as you lifted me in the past to my personal victory, I want to be the wind in your wings tomorrow, with all the others that you touched.”

He and so many wonderful cancer warriors were with me on this incredible journey.

Please go to our blog for a more detailed account of my experience in Kona.

Oh yeah, and we’re going back!

What Is Kona?

Inspiration … all the way to the finish line.