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2012 Team Inspiration at Iron Girl

Triathlon training is body, mind, and spirit training for our cancer warriors. Some of us do it to support others through our fundraising effort. Some of our warriors are on the front line as survivors inspiring others as they go through their treatment. Research has shown the effectiveness of exercise for cancer survivors in abating the side effects of treatment, improving quality of life, and providing more positive outcome for survivorship. In addition, there is a growing body of evidence suggesting that exercise decreases the risk of many types of cancer. One Harvard study found that the risk of colon cancer, the second leading cause of cancer-related death in the U.S., was dramatically reduced by exercise. So our triathlon training benefits all of our cancer warriors as we inspire one another to reach new goals.

INSPIRATION is the name of the game and there are many sources of inspiration within the triathlon community! Members of Team Inspiration have been fortunate to meet some of the top professional triathletes like Chrissie Wellington, Michellie Jones, and Jamie Whitmore. Even before we met them, they inspired us as they shared their victories and we could see their warrior spirit full of passion, perseverance and the belief that Anything is Possible. We have also had the great honor of having some of the most courageous front line cancer warriors like Jessica Hensley (Iron Girl Triathlon), Dan Alderman (Columbia Triathlon), and BethAnn Telford, (Ironman World Championship) race with us even as they were undergoing treatment for their cancer.  Anya Zvorsky, who is our youngest front line warrior (age 6), will soon be completing her very first 5K at the Race for Hope in Philadelphia on November 5th. We will be there to support her Team Anya efforts to raise money and support for the National Brain Tumor Society.

Team Inspiration provides weekly training events and special clinics to prepare our cancer warrior triathletes for race day victory.

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