My Support Team

By , Apr 8, 2015

The key to success on any journey, as in life, is in having a strong support team there beside you. Regardless of what you undertake or what you are faced with, it is infinitely more challenging to overcome adversity independently. In many cases it takes just one person who knows your limits and encourages you when you need it, who pushes you to succeed, or who motivates you to accomplish things that you didn’t think were possible. If you are lucky, you have more than just a single member of your team.

I played team sports throughout my life, but these days I gravitate more to individual events. While the events have changed over time and now I typically compete by myself, I never get to where I am alone. I am blessed to have a great support team, spearheaded by my beautiful wife and my daughter, both of whom inspire me to achieve things I never would have dreamed up by myself. They push me to make myself  better in my preparation and my execution, which has pushed me to different levels in my day to day life as well.

The team is always ready for the next adventure!

The team is always ready for the next adventure!

While they are both very positive influences in my life and my training, they do it in different ways.

As a yoga teacher, my wife keeps me focused and grounded. Juggling so many things in life gets me anxious at times, overwhelmed at others, and sometimes just needing a kick in the pants. She brings calm and patience to every situation and brings my internal and external battles into balance. And at three months pregnant she really values her sleep, which means she gets really mad when I hit snooze on the alarm bringing a little extra motivation at 5AM!

My three year old daughter is my true motivation in life. She teaches me new things every day. Her innocence is rejuvenating, her smile is infectious, and her cheers get me through any situation. She really looks to find meaning in absolutely everything, which makes us very conscious of everything we do and making sure it has a positive intention.

Life’s journey is not meant to be achieved alone, and is certainly not meant to be easy. While we may find ourselves at times in a place where we are physically by ourselves, we are never truly alone. We need the support team to be there when we stumble, when we get knocked down, when we are faced with something that seems insurmountable. We should never shy from asking them for help, and they should never wait for us to ask to offer it.

It feels good being supported

It sure feels good being supported

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