Kona or Bust! Fueled by Gratitude

Kona or BustThis is a pic of an article from Triathlete Magazine in 2010 when I qualified for Kona at IRONMAN Arizona. I carried with me that day 140 LiveStrong wristbands…one for each mile of the race. Two on my wrists for the 2.4 mile swim, 112 on my bike, and 26 on the marathon. Each one was dedicated to one of my cancer warriors. I made the mistake of saying that I carried them, but really we carry one another. You may be able to read the article, but basically I was asked to talk about what was in my training plan that allowed me to achieve a slot to Kona. I said it was the strength I drew from the symbolic connection of wearing the wristbands that reminded me of the strength and inspiration I witnessed over and over again among my cancer warriors,some who are my family members. Matt Fitzegerald who wrote the article, titled it “Fueled by Gratitude”. That was my mantra in Kona and continues to be my mantra in life. Today my training schedule for IRONMAN 70.3 Eagleman called for a two hour and 45 minute bike ride. The weather sucks, so it was an indoor ride. The first hour was teaching my amazing cycle class at LifeTime where I get to crack the whip, play great music and tell everyone to go hard…and they do! The next hour and 45 minutes I was in the bike studio alone…but not really. All of the amazing cancer warriors were there inspiring me. Reminding me how lucky I am to be sweating it out on a bike instead of laying in a hospital bed, or stuck in a CT or PET scan, or surgery, or radiation or hooked up to an IV with chemo running into my veins. This race, IRONMAN 70.3 Eagleman, is for you most amazing cancer warriors! Mahalo for the journey. Fueled by Gratitude!