Ironman dreams, powered by chemo! (part 5)

By , Oct 3, 2013

Well I just passed the half way point of this chemo journey!


Cycle #4 went ahead as planned yesterday and although I am feeling the usual post chemo roughness, I am happy.

If it all goes according to plan, I will actually be done at the end of November, which must be just round the corner yes?

Chemo going ahead as planned also means I can now officially pack and go on holiday and what a holiday it will be!


Mark and I are going to Kona on Saturday for just over a week to train, relax and cheer those amazing athletes during the IM championships!

But most of all, it will be my opportunity to finally meet Roseann, the inspiring founder of Team Inspiration!


So it will be an inspiring journey: exactly what is needed at this juncture!

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