Ironman dreams, powered by chemo! (part 4)

By , Sep 22, 2013

What a long week, so many ups and downs!

Chemo cycle #3 finally went ahead last Wednesday, after 2 postponements and had to be administered with a 20% dose reduction as the doctors don’t think I can sustain things at they stand at the moment from a recovery point of view. I just hope it is as effective as it’s meant to be!

The few days right after chemo were very rough, felt the usual wave of nausea and was just exhausted. I only had a few days before the half marathon!

In my original plan, I had hoped for chemo to take place sooner so I could recover in time for the race but it wasn’t to be, so Sunday was going to be a journey of true self discovery!

Race day came round quickly and turned out to be a grey, but warm and humid day.

Walking to the start with Mark was just brilliant as it brought back so many memories of race starts and race nerves!

We took off and right off the bat I knew it was going to be a tough challenge. How frustrating! Usually, 13 miles for me is just a jog in the park! But clearly, 3 cycles of chemo have taken their toll and I struggled each step of the way. I never thought I would stop or take a break or quit, it felt like I had to put a big effort in simply moving the body forward at a slow pace, with the labored breathing typically associated with very high effort. I had to concentrate like I had never done before to just … well … shuffle forward.

I just kept going but the effort was massive and the pain was unbearable. Mark kept talking to me but I just couldn’t answer back. He knew then that I was having a tough day.

A long run 4 days after chemo treatment was tough!

I don’t think I have ever known such struggle, metal and physical.

But finally, the finish line was in sight! It felt so good to cross it. My slowest time ever, by a long way, but I didn’t care. This was not about time and targets. It was about mind over matter, determination against all odds. A small win in the long battle that lays ahead.



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