Ironman dreams, powered by chemo! (part 3)

By , Sep 18, 2013

Sept 17th 2013

Well it has been a frustrating few days. I was due to have chemo cycle #3 last Friday but my platelet levels were too low, came back to the hospital on Monday but no improvement and so I am back here today. If no improvements, they will go ahead with chemo but at a lower dose, which of course I am concerned about.

They even told me on Monday to stop exercising which I balked at!! There is no evidence that exercise impacts platelet count so why?? Nonetheless, I did rest yesterday so let’s see what today brings.

Running is definitely getting tougher but I am trying to stick to the rule of getting through 3 runs a week minimum with a longer run of at least 11 miles, no matter how slow.

I feel this will keep a good enough baseline!!

This weekend is the Richmond running festival so Sunday is a big day, lots of running, different distances, kids and old people alike. I cant wait! Mark and I will do the half marathon. Let’s hope I don’t come last!!!!

I will be back with a race report and pictures on Sunday!!!

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