Ironman dreams, powered by chemo! (part 2)

By , Sep 10, 2013

Sept.10th 2013

It’s good to wake up after the weekend with sore limbs!

Mark and I run 11 miles on Sunday through our favourite park and got to deal with the typical English weather: sun and rain and sun again! The chemo is clearly having an impact on my fitness as the effort required to run ‘long-ish’ is much more so than usual. So I was huffing and puffing a lot but somehow we got it done!

We have signed up for a half marathon which takes place in the city where we live in 2 weeks time, on Sept. 22nd, just because it’s great to have a goal to keep on training for!

Me being me of course, I keep thinking that a half marathon is just not enough of a challenge and that maybe we should also sign up for a marathon later on in the year!

So last night, I stumbled across the Istanbulmarathon, which takes place on Nov 17th. I am tempted!!! The question is on how weak the treatment may make me by then!

So stay tuned … I think I really want to do it. And maybe I will run it with a sign that says: 26.2 miles, powered by chemo!

Talking of chemo, I was back at the hospital yesterday and my bloods look ok so we just now have to pray that they stay that way this Friday, when I am due to go back to the hospital for chemo cycle #3.

Tonight it will be a 10k run and then a spinning class afterwards. I cant wait!

I don’t feel great and yes I feel tired and nauseous sometimes, well most days, BUT what I get back from exercising is that incredible feeling of both physical and mental wellness and I am NOT going to give that up, especially not to mr. cancer!!!

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