Kona Bound


This year Team Inspiration had the joy of going to the Ironman World Championships in Kona with an amazing and inspirational Cancer Warrior Marilena D’Amone, who was guided to Team Inspiration by 4 time Ironman World Champion (and all around fantastic person!) Chrissie Wellington! Team Inspiration didn’t race in Kona this year, but had a blast hosting a training camp and spending quality time with Marilena, Chrissie, and countless other inspirational people, including LJ White, Executive Director of Columbia Triathlon Association and Amy Rappaport who raced her 18th Ironman at Lake Placid this summer and raised $5,000 for Team Inspiration through the Ironman Foundation!

Marilena’s Story and Kona 2014:

Marilena has run 27 marathons and had decided to take on the ultimate challenge…an Ironman triathlon! She was all signed up and tackling the challenge of training. Five weeks to go- feeling good! Suddenly, everything changed. Just weeks away from her Ironman race, she received a call from her doctor, informing her that she has cancer and would be unable to compete. While she was heartbroken, she had the spirit and support to transition from Ironman athlete to Cancer Warrior. And now, despite the cancer and the ongoing treatment, Marilena is signed up for Ironman Copenhagen! Additionally, Marilena dreams of racing Kona through the Kona Inspired program! Team Inspiration is committed to helping her get there! So keep an eye out here for information on how you can help! We will be posting the link to vote here and on our facebook!

Read more about Marilena’s journey here at her blog posts on the Team Inspiration blog!


Kona Bound


In August Team Inspiration met a remarkable young woman named BethAnn Telford who has been battling brain cancer for 7 years and has raised over 1/4 of a MILLION DOLLARS for the National Brain Cancer Foundation through her charity called TEAMBT, to help others who are battling brain tumors. She was awarded a slot for the Ironman World Championship in Kona on October 13, 2012 through the Kona Inspired program because of her relentless spirit in her own journey with terminal brain cancer and her immense efforts to help others, especially children battling brain tumors.

Kona Inspired

If you followed Kona Inspired, a new and exciting program for 2012, then you are probably familiar with Bethann. Diagnosed with brain cancer in 2005, she was forced to take a time out from her normally active lifestyle to undergo surgery. As part of her recovery process, Telford had to teach herself how to walk again. It’s pretty safe to say that the idea of not only running again in the near future, but of racing competitively, would be out of the question.

Read BethAnn’s story here >>

BethAnn & Anya

BethAnn is a giver and one of the special people she gives her love and support to is 6 year old Anya who is also battling brain cancer. Team Inspiration is working with BethAnn and her supporters to have Anya and her family come to Kona with her so they can share this once in a LIFETIME inspirational journey!

Chrissie Wellington with Hope FlagIn 2010 the founder of Team Inspiration, Roseann Dougherty raced at Kona and she wore a lei around her race belt with the names of her cancer warriors written on the flower pedals. In 2012, when BethAnn Telford, founder of TeamBT races in Kona she will also be wearing a lei with the names of her cancer warriors. We will have other special Team Inspiration and TeamBT members wearing leis on Oct 13, 2012 for the Ironman World Championship in Kona: Anya Zvorsky, Lisa Saunders, Robert Vigoritio, and Jessica Hensley.

The Hope Flag for Kona 2012 was inspired by Chrissie Wellington. In preparation for her trip to Kona, Roseann had been watching videos of Chrissie coming through the finish line carrying the British flag. Roseann could see that this was a gesture of Gratitude for all the people in Chrissie’s life who had helped her reach her dream to live the Ironman mantra that Anything is Possible. Roseann had hoped to carry a flag across the finish line with the names of the cancer warriors who had helped her reach her dream in 2010, and now the dream is fulfilled by BethAnn Telford who will carry the Hope flag with the name of her cancer warriors! Mahalo!

To read more about Roseann’s race at the IRONMAN World Championship is 2010, click on this link to Team Inspiration’s blog:


Mahalo for the Journey!

Mahalo for the Journey!












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