IRONMAN Charity Partner Events

Team Inspiration is excited and honored to be a charity partner for IRONMAN Maryland 2016 AND Ironman 70. 3 Staffordshire 2016.

Our Inspired Warrior Ambassadors include Chrissie Wellington and Craig Alexander.

Join us for an IRONMAN event that will change your life and the lives of Cancer Warriors everywhere!

Team Inspiration empowers individuals living with cancer by providing exercise and wellness programs that improve their physical, mental and spiritual quality of life.
Our Cancer Warrior Exercise Program allows cancer patients to participate in virtual races such as the Central Park 5K, Kona 10K, San Francisco half marathon and the London marathon! They can track their progress and are able to view the progress of their “teammates” who are other cancer warriors. They receive finisher’s medal that are donated by triathletes as a sign of support.
Research has shown the effectiveness of exercise in abating the side effects of treatment, improving quality of life, and providing more positive outcomes for survivors, which means staying strong through great adversity and increasing the chances for survival. Support our Cancer Warriors and BE INSPIRED!
Team Benefits:
·         Athlete featured in BE INSPIRED video with Chrissie Wellington and Craig Alexander
·         Personal online fundraising page and fundraising support
·         Waived registration with $500.00 fundraising deposit
·         Online training program via Training Peaks
·         Official Team Inspiration kit and wristband
·         Pre-race lunch/dinner with Cancer Warrior guest speaker
·         Member of BE INSPIRED community to support and inspired our Cancer Warriors
  • Charity Slot available for Ironman Maryland with fundraising commitment of $3000.00 which includes registration fee
  • Charity Slot availabe for Ironman 70.3 Staffordshire with a fundraising commitment of $1500.00 which includes registration fee
  • If you have already registered for Ironman Maryland or Ironman 70.3 Staffordshire or another IRONMAN event and would like to race with Team Inspiration, your commitment to a $1,000 fundraising minimum for a full IM distance or $500 for 70.3 distance race, will allow you to receive all of the team perks mentioned above. Please email Roseann Dougherty for details:


Healing is Contagious. Once Inspired, Anything is Possible



Click on the image of Chrissie to view her video

Chrissie Wellington, 4X Ironman World Champion, Inspired Warrior Ambassador

Chrissie Wellington, 4X Ironman World Champion, Inspired Warrior Ambassador


Click on the image of Craig to view his video

Craig Alexander, 3X Ironman World Champion, Inspired Warrior Ambassador

Craig Alexander, 3X IRONMAN World Champion, Inspired Warrior Ambassador



Athletes can set up an online fundraising page through ActiveGiving.

Simply click on the Active Giving logo below and choose “become a fundraiser”.  Create a login and follow the instructions. If you have any questions email



Athletes can set up an online Training Peaks account under Coach Roseann.

Simply click on the Training Peaks logo below and follow the instructions to sign up as an athlete for a Training Peaks account with Team Inspiration under Coach Roseann.


Once you have set up your Training Peaks account, send a confirmation email to

Contact Roseann Dougherty for more information and to secure a slot for IRONMAN Maryland 2016 or Ironman 70.3 Staffordshire June 12, 2016.

Once the  athlete has  confirmed their interest in a slot, they will be required to provide a  deposit through their fundraising page or by check within 10 days to secure their slot.  Slots are limited and can only be guaranteed with a deposit. Once you have notified us that you would like a slot, and we have informed you that we have one available for you, please set up your fundraising account. The  deposit can be applied to your fundraising account immediately. We will also email you a charity slot agreement that will guarantee your slot.

We look forward to a fun season of training and fundraising together and an awesome season together!

Chrissie, Marilena and Roseann Kona Training Camp

Inspired Ambassador Chrissie Wellington, Cancer Warrior Marilena D’Amone, and Team Inspiration founder, Roseann Dougherty


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