Check in from Barcelona!

By , Oct 4, 2013

Shortly after arriving in Barcelona, Marty sent us an email to let us know how he’s doing. He’d only been there for about 2 days and already has had quite an adventure! So, for those of you, like myself, who can’t be in Barcelona right now, join me in living vicariously through this awesome inspired athlete!

“Hard to fathom I’ve been in Barcelona for less than 48 hours. I arrived for my pre-race advance work. I did have some angst about finding a reputable bike shop, I know there are plenty of them in Barcelona but you need to know who they are. Within 3 hours of arrival I found a shop (through the most bizarre network of folks) called the Cycle Clinic. One of the mechanics looked like the bearded guy from LMFAO. Couldn’t be a funnier, nicer or more professional mechanic. Two hours later my bike was fully assembled, I can assure you that was no easy task! He is also storing my bike box, which is the size of a casket (this is a terrible thing to say…hmmm just hope I don’t go home in it, lol)…and he is meeting me early Monday morning (after race) to repack and send me on my way.  I mention all this because this is a small boutique shop that cares about cyclists and it was a very special happenstance. He is also taking care of Lauren’s bike.

I then went to Calella (city where the race starts and finishes) and checked out the entire course. The swim in the Mediterranean. It looks outrageously fun. The bike course is flat, fast and no doubt windy, and the run setup appears to be a spectator spectacular (4 loops).

A bit early to see any event activity so nothing just yet on that score.

pro’s about getting to a race early:

+allows you to acclimate to your surroundings

+you feel fully prepared

+totally relaxed because you don’t feel rushed

+time for plenty of spa treatments

+seek out fine dining

+enjoy the sights and scenes of the area



Race “stuff” starts tomorrow. Today i’m going to enjoy a few more crepes, run the olympic area, get my second massage from a fabulous masseuse I’ve named Greta (sorry if your name is Greta, but she looks and has hands like what you picture a Greta to look like, lol), eat at a fabulous tapas restaurant and to bed early. True to my 140.6 training, only consuming water as my hydration.

The only thing missing on this trip is my wonderful wife Brenda and my two adorable kids, Cali and Hunter.  Without their unyielding support none of this would be possible. I love you guys!!!!!

My Challenge colleague, Lauren, arrives in the morning. very much looking forward to her experiencing her 1st Ultra.  She has also agreed to be a much better blogger than me.

Have a wonderful day, and start laying down those base miles. I can feel something very special coming to AC!”

More updates from Lauren and Marty will be coming, stay tuned! Race countdown…2 days!!!

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