Atlantic City Triathlon

By , Sep 24, 2013

Team Inspiration participated in the Atlantic City Triathlon last weekend! And what a weekend! Saturday night we had the pleasure of sharing dinner with a truly amazing group of people. Dawn and Amy of paratriathlon sat at the end of the table and gave us deliciously detailed descriptions of menu items, and even shared a taste of their dinners! Robert Vigorito, race director extraordinaire, joined us as well! Tom Knoll, one of the 12 original Ironmen, came to dinner prepared with his 1978 Ironman trophy! Inspiring cancer warrior Bethann dined with us, and she was accompanied her amazing entourage! So many more wonderful people filled our table as well! The food was delicious and the company was inspiring!

Team Inspiration members Erin and MaryAnn went right to bed from dinner to rest up for the morning race while Roseann, Karen and Mark hit the boardwalk! Poor Mark, after a long night of shopping on the boardwalk, he had to get up bright and early (more like dark and REALLY, REALLY early!) to drive racers to the race at Bader Field. And he continued to serve as team “sherpa,” all morning! Mark was prepared with last minute snacks at the swim start, served as team photographer and did everything in between!

While Team Inspiration doesn’t race just to place, a couple of podium finishes sure don’t hurt! Our man Marty finished 3rd in his age group, Justin finished 3rd in his, Erin finished 3rd in hers, and Bethann finished 2nd in hers! Roseann finished 4th in her division and Aaron and his son AJ placed 4th in the relay event! Team Inspiration’s newest members Lauren and Darden completed their first triathlon! Finally, we were reunited with our resident sweethearts Justin and Desiree who competed in Eagleman with us!

It was truly a fabulous weekend! Look out Atlantic City, Team Inspiration will be back! We can’t wait to do AC Tri again and also are excited to announce that we will be participating in the new Challenge race in Atlantic City in June 2014!!

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